Q Fersk Sjokolademelk (Q Fresh Chocolate Milk) is sponsoring a CSGO tournament where some of the best Counter-Strike teams in the world will compete! With thousands of fans tuning in to watch the game, we wanted to make something truly special and put the product inside the game!

Q Fersk Sjokolademelk is consumed in a variety of situations and research shows that it is very popular amongst gamers. When the client challenged us to make a sponsor ad themed to a counter-strike tournament, it didn’t take long until we had an idea of what we wanted to make. The idea we pitched was to dive into the game and have the chocolate milk jump out of a loot box.

Game Rig Scene
The video starts from a gamers point of view in front of a gaming rig with LED’s colored to match the lighting of the sponsored tournament.

In-game Scene​​​​​​​
The in-game scene were built entirely from scratch to resemble one of the most well known player maps in Counter-Strike.

The loot box and chocolate milk carton were modeled from scratch, then rigged, textured and animated in a fun and playful style.

Sound Design
The sound design was custom made to match the playful animation and the counter-strike theme. A fun detail: Notice the guy on the walkie-talkie informing that “chocolate milk has arrived!”.


Produced for Q-meieriene by MYREZE
Art Director / Creative Director: Kent Løset
Head of 3D / Animation: Remi Vaage
CG Artist: Jo Christian Figenschou
CG Artist: Øyvind Engevik
Sound Design: Martin Lavik Nygaard
Color Grading: Mathias Birkeland

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