T H E   T R A N S M I S S I O N
Made with Unreal Engine 4, Premiere Pro and Photoshop
ENGWIND | CG ARTIST: ØYVIND ENGEVIK, Modeling, Camerawork, Lighting, Compositing, Editing
THE TRANSMISSION is the collection of Engwind's genesis NFT drops. It contains 3 NFTs. The NFTs represent the beginning of a much larger super story about cypherpunk ideals, cypherpunk journeys, and cypherpunk futures. It's a story about us, for us, and by us. And it is also for those who have yet to join us. For all of posteriority, and for all of those that have yet to come: this genesis collection is a signal from the past. A signal that describes your future. Let us begin.
​​​​​​​You are not allowed any commercial or personal usage without permission
If you wish to use my works for any purposes please contact me.
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