About the process

It was estimated by CCTV (China Central Television) that 1 billion viewers was tuning in for the World Cup. At NAB Las Vegas 2018 we got asked by Happy Elephant to pitch a comprehensive, real-time graphics solution for CCTV’s FIFA World Cup 2018 coverage together with pioneers at The Future Group.

Project outlining and concepting were kicked off together with The Future Group and Happy Elephant at the beginning of May, and we had approximately one month to cover the entire production from start to finish.

Happy Elephant’s main goal was that together we would produce something to really showcase Frontier™ By The Future Group(real time graphics solution) in a big way.

We came up with a concept, that focused on how we could show off the combined power of solutions delivered from Ross, The Future Group, and MYREZE.
The process involved recreating a number of famous cities in Russia, which were used to illustrate a reporter working “on location” scenario. We created two of these cities from scratch, whereas Happy Elephant created nine with supervision from our on-site team at CCTV Headquarters; CG Supervisor Jo Christian Figenshou and Creative Director Björn Myreze.

Each city was modelled in 3Ds Max, and then brought into Substance Painter for texturing. After importing all assets into Unreal Engine 4, we started set-dressing (asset placement, surfacing, lighting, VFX and post-processing). We were also responsible for final tweaks and set-dressing on the nine cities provided by Happy Elephant.
We also created soccer stadiums that were used in player lineups, Player Vs Player, semi-finals and finals.
In addition we also did the AR on air graphics elements used in these segments of the show.

The final step of the production was for our on-site team and the Technical Supervisor from The Future Group, Frank Daniel Moen Vedvik, to cross-check that everything worked with Frontier™ By The Future Group. The on-site team also directed, supervised, the on-site live production.
Produced for CCTV by MYREZE

Creative Director: Björn Myreze
CG Supervisor: Jo Christian Figenschou
Technical Supervisor(TFG): Frank Moen Vedvik
Project Manager: Bendikt Myklebust
Art Director #1: Bendikt Myklebust
Art Director #2: Kent Løset
Pre-production Assist: Mayumi Fukada
3D & Unreal Lead #1: Remi Vaage
3D & Unreal Lead #2: Karoline Holm
CG Artist: Øyvind Engevik
CG Artist: Henning Tvedten
CG Artist: Tom Riise
CG Artist: Daniel Liljar
CG Artist: Anders Borg
CG Artist: Stefan Björn
Pitch Lead: Martin Lavik Nygaard
Pitch Developer: Christoffer Møgster
Pitch Developer: Mats Hope
Pitch Developer: Mathias Birkeland
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